If you are ready to make a Real Estate purchase for any reason, we would love to help! We provide services to all types of buyer’s, including first time home buyers, down-sizers, investors, and more. Below is what you can expect throughout the buying process:


  • Once you make the decision to purchase a home, the first domino is speaking to a lender. We have a few lenders we can refer that we have been working with over the last decade who are THE BEST. In order to get pre-qualified, you will fill out a basic loan application so the lender is able to determine your debt to income ratio and asset information and in turn will start to understand what your purchase power is. It is important to look at the monthly payment amount, rather than just the purchase price, so you know where you will be comfortable when making a payment every month. Your debt to income ratio and credit score will determine the type of loan you qualify for. There are many options, some with 3-5% or even 0% down for a primary residence. Loan principle, interest, property taxes and insurance will all be bundled into your total monthly payment.
  • Once you know a price range in which you are comfortable looking, your Brick & Mortar Realty will set up an online search for you with all of your criteria saved. You will receive email notifications whenever a house comes on the market that fits your needs. After you start to narrow in on homes you want to look at in person, we will arrange showings and give you tours of properties.
  • After we have found the perfect home, we will guide you through the offer process, including going over the Contract to Purchase in detail, offering insight on negotiating, and ultimately get you “under contract”. Here is a handy brochure we have created to help better understand the initial up front costs you should budget for when buying.  
  • Most contracts involve several contingencies, the two most common being a home inspection and financing contingency. We will recommend  and schedule a home inspection with one of the trusted local inspectors we know and trust. We will help negotiate inspection repair requests on your behalf, and make sure the financing process is progressing per the contract timeline. At this point we also recommend securing a settlement agent. We recommend Ashleigh Pivonka for a closing attorney, or Court Square Title for a settlement company. 
  • Finally, once all contingencies have been satisfied, we will set up and accompany you to the settlement table, where you sign closing documents and become a home owner!